bullish on who will be Time’s Person of the Year 2013

Drones (or "The Drone") (as of 2012 NOV 10) 

bullish on who will be Time’s Person of the Year 2012 

actual result: Barack Obama

Xi Jinping (as of 2012 SEP 16); Aung San Suu Kyi (as of 2012 APR 3); Bo Xilai (as of 2012 MAR 24) 



This morning's pre-market trade: 10/24/12  8:09 AM EDT  Buy 500 FB Executed @ $23.205.  Some stocks recover quickly after shooting down one day due to overreaction to bad news. Because Facebook (FB) is such a big stock, it has taken longer to snap back from an exaggerated price move, but this morning the market clicked, which is the sound made by FB's v-shape turn.  $40 by Christmas.  The stocks of makers of pads & tablets couldn't be less enticing.  That said, these devices sell, and will be making appearances through the holidays...and all of them have (the increasingly device-integrated) Facebook.  Separately, we’ll probably buy Renren Inc. (RENN) near the open.

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