bullish on who will be Time’s Person of the Year 2013

Drones (or "The Drone") (as of 2012 NOV 10) 

bullish on who will be Time’s Person of the Year 2012 

actual result: Barack Obama

Xi Jinping (as of 2012 SEP 16); Aung San Suu Kyi (as of 2012 APR 3); Bo Xilai (as of 2012 MAR 24) 



Perhaps it's a bearish signal (which I state only partially tongue-in-cheek) when a guy like me, via a budget broker, has access to opportunities (i.e., high profile IPOs) formerly reserved for big Wall Street players.  I'm not saying its bearish for the forthcoming Facebook (FB) shares (for which we have already placed our conditional orders), but it represents a further leveling of a playing field of sorts, which is not inconsistent with a possibly continued diminishment of the grandeur of a money making machine that used to be reserved for denizens of the Street and friends.  This fact of access feels bearish in a big (I should probably say "macro") sense, perhaps for the markets, or maybe just for IPOs.  That said, the only question in my mind, is whether or not we flip on Friday, or do the "right" thing and hold on to the shares (with the possibility of getting a look at another interesting offering in the future).  Of course, entertaining such a question, which is based purely in greed is a bullish indicator in itself (and so is the use of the word "flip").


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