bullish on who will be Time’s Person of the Year 2013

Drones (or "The Drone") (as of 2012 NOV 10) 

bullish on who will be Time’s Person of the Year 2012 

actual result: Barack Obama

Xi Jinping (as of 2012 SEP 16); Aung San Suu Kyi (as of 2012 APR 3); Bo Xilai (as of 2012 MAR 24) 



Last week I bought a computer monitor for my home office.  It's huge at 23". It's a super thin IPS-LED display with a fast refresh time, high brightness and contrast, and digital and analog connections.  Why is this product with its specifications particularly bullish? It's not on its own, but the fact that it was purchased as a replacement for a reasonably-spec'd 19" LCD screen that I have had for a number of years and continues to be in working order is.  While I have reasons to rationalize my purchase the fact is that it is an anecdotal example of latent consumer confidence.  What upgrades or improvements have you purchased recently? Chances are it’s a purchase that you might have been able to put off a little longer but didn't (assuming you come within the data reported in an article in the WSJ today, which states that "Consumers started the third quarter with a bang" in respect of data that indicates US retail sales in July rose by the largest amount in 5 months). 

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